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Wild animals are beautiful, powerful, and fascinating. Sometimes, however, the natural world and humans simply don’t mix very well. When wild animals become trapped in or choose to nest in areas occupied by people, the results can be distressing—for the people and the animals alike! This problem can be fixed with one phone call to the team at Lone Star Animal Removal Services. We are outdoor enthusiasts who want only the best for both animals and people. Our goal is to relieve the stress on our customers and make the animal removal process as pleasant and humane as possible. Whether you need live or deceased animal removal, please do not hesitate to give us a call or send us a message! You deserve to feel safe and comfortable at your property.

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Wild Pig Removal

No Two Jobs Are Alike

Lone Star Animal Removal Services has been working with property owners in Frisco, Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Garland, and McKinney for 8+ years. Throughout that time, we’ve handled countless jobs, and every single one has been unique.

Animals do not adhere to certain agendas or schedules. They can create various issues based on their species, how they gained access to the property, how long they have been residing on the property, and numerous other factors. Our licensed animal control professionals draw on their extensive hands-on experience, customer feedback, and proper tools and techniques to create the best possible outcome. We are passionate about our work, and we bring that passion to every job we are called upon to handle.

Compassionate Customer Service

We emphasize customer service and satisfaction above all else—but what does that mean? To us, that means we handle every animal removal in a manner that is safe, respectful to your property, and most practical and humane for the animal. You can expect complete transparency from start to finish when you choose Lone Star Animal Removal Services. Pick up the phone or send us a message today for help with armadillos, birds, raccoons, rodents, snakes, and many more. We can also remove a deceased animal from your property.


Comprehensive Pest Control and Prevention

To the team at Lone Star Animal Removal Services, high-quality wildlife removal means more than simply setting a trap and releasing the animal, if possible, into its preferred environment. Our animal control company strives to prevent issues from repeating themselves by offering professional pest prevention. This can mean various things depending on the type of animals that have invaded your property and how they gained access in the first place. Some examples of pest prevention include tree trimming, gutter cleaning, gutter guard installation, and wooden fence repair. We also assist customers in restoring homes and businesses that have sustained damage as a result of an animal.

Our animal control company is your answer for fast, professional, and affordable services. Our goal is to help you restore and maintain your property's comfort, security, and safety through responsible animal removal. Call today if you suspect there is an unwanted animal at your home or business. We have what it takes to solve the problem!